All files cleared for the CD and submitted to the Closing Department before 12:00pm local time will guarantee the CD to be sent out the next business day.
For Closing Packages, the cut-off times are:
Purchases: 3:00pm local time
Refinances:12:00pm local time
Jumbo Submitted On9/27/2016
Purchases Submitted On9/27/2016
Refinances Submitted On9/23/2016
PCM Announcements  

19 September 2016

Update to Loan Submission Process in PCM Express

We’ve updated a feature on loan submissions in PCM Express affecting our Broker and Tier Partners.

When registering a loan, PCM’s Broker and Tier Partners will now select their own branch instead of a team when registering a loan.
Please click HERE to view screen shots detailing the change.

Please reach out to your PCM Account Executive or Team with any questions.


September 2016

PCM Cover Letter Template Now Available

PCM has created a fillable Loan Cover Letter Template for your use. Submission of a completed Cover Letter with each loan file can increase underwriting turn times and help avoid potential, unnecessary delays. Please save a copy and use on every loan file!